NDD Execution

Deep liquidity, the best possible prices, and ultra-fast, precise execution. What more could you wish for?

Trade with lightning-fast speeds!

Most orders executed in <12ms. That’s just 0.012 seconds!


In the same 1.80 seconds it takes McLaren to set a world record pit stop, FxPro are able to execute up to 6000 orders!

Discover our outstanding Slippage Stats

More than 84% of Market Orders were executed at the requested price, or an even better one!


What requotes?

More than 99% of Instant Orders were executed without requotes!




الأوامر المنفذة
حتى الآن ب 100.000 ثانية
من المتداولين

* مجموع الأوامر المنفذة

يوفر النظام المجمع لدينا وتقنية مطابقة الطلبات المتقدمة للمتداولين إمكانية الوصول إلى سيولة عميقة وتنفيذ تداول فائق السرعة دون أي تدخل من غرفة المقاصة ليتمكن المتداولون من الاستفادة من فروق الأسعار المنخفضة والأسعار التنافسية.

Discover the FxPro Advantage

Our PRO Execution Method

No Dealing Desk (NDD) Execution

We execute your orders without any dealing desk intervention*, ensuring transparency and fairness.

STP Technologies

While we utilise STP technologies, our execution method remains NDD, reflecting our commitment to order execution integrity.

Minimised Risk

With internal order matching and risk management, we keep interference to a minimum.

Efficient Order Matching

Our high trading volumes enable us to internally match a significant portion of orders, reducing risk without affecting your trades.

Residual Exposure

Although not all client positions are hedged, any residual exposure is kept within our predefined market risk limits.

External Hedging

In cases of excess exposure, we may hedge externally, ensuring risk is effectively managed.

Cutting-Edge Data Centre & in-house aggregator

At FxPro, our cutting-edge data centre in LD4 London strategically positions our trading servers for lightning-fast execution. Co-located at this state-of-the-art facility and seamlessly connected with Tier 1 banks, our proprietary aggregator, Quotix, ensures your trades are executed swiftly at the best prices, offering unparalleled efficiency

FxPro VPS.

Ethical Trading

FxPro champions the embrace of increased transparency and ethical standards within the online trading sector. No manipulation, no stop loss hunting, no worries!

Award-winning execution

Our extensive array of awards is a clear testament to our exceptional execution, reflecting our commitment to excellence in every endeavour.

Unlock the power of NDD execution with FxPro today!

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*Subject to the order execution policy
The statistics provided above are for all FxPro Group orders executed between
01/01/2023 - 31/12/2023